The Illinois State Medical Society

November 11, 2010

by Carey Dachman

As a practitioner of holistic medicine in Schaumburg, Illinois, I hold membership in the Illinois State Medical Society. Founded in 1840 by 12 surgeons and physicians, the Illinois State Medical Society seeks to meet the legislative and economic needs of state physicians while holding doctors accountable to a high standard of science and ethics. Composed of a House of Delegates, a Board of Trustees, and Member Councils and Committees, the Illinois State Medical Society features a clear organizational structure and resources to advance its members’ interests. The House of Delegates sets the Illinois State Medical Society’s agenda on a yearly basis, voting on resolutions that if approved, get sent to the Board of Trustees for further action. Members of the Board of Trustees assume responsibility for realizing the annual agenda after the House of Delegates selects them. Member councils and committees function as lower-level interest groups through which participants discuss specific topics and concerns regarding medical operations in the state. Committee involvement usually begins locally, and doctors conducting such efforts work their way to state-level activities and endeavors. The Illinois State Medical Society offers eight different categories of membership. Regular members include licensed practitioners residing and practicing in the state of Illinois. Retired members once held regular membership but have since discontinued active practice due to age or incapacity. Service members encompass medical officers participating in governmental services for the United States. Medical students can hold student membership when enrolled in medical school within Illinois, and in-training members have completed their medical degree but have yet to complete the necessary internships and residencies required of them before they become full-fledged doctors. Emeritus membership acknowledges more than 35 years of good standing participation in the Illinois State Medical Society, while distinguished membership denotes significantly contributing members who remain ineligible for regular membership. Group members receive special discounts on membership dues, as made possible through organizational bylaws. The Illinois State Medical Society represents a substantial majority of medical and surgical practitioners in the state of Illinois. Adhering to strict standards of competence and compassion, the Illinois State Medical Society strives to provide doctors with the resources and representation they require to best serve their patients.

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