Dr. Carey Dachman’s Blog

August 12, 2010

Outside of his medical practice, Carey Dachman enjoys spending his leisure time exercising and reading Russian classics. A respected rheumatologist who is based in Schaumburg, Illinois, Dr. Carey Dachman obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1976. A Board-certified rheumatologist and pain specialist, Dr. Carey Dachman specializes in treating chronic pain problems. At present, Dr. Carey Dachman serves as the Medical Administrator at Pain Therapy Associates, Ltd. Dr. Carey Dachman and his colleagues combine traditional and alternative methods to treat arthritis, chronic back pain, and other health ailments. When Dr. Carey Dachman sees a patient at Pain Therapy Associates, he performs a physical examination to uncover any health issues. After the physical exam is complete, any diagnostic tests that need to be done in order to develop a treatment program will be conducted. Some of the diagnostic tests that Dr. Carey Dachman may order include EMGs, EKGs, and MRI scans. Diagnostic test results will help to pinpoint what could be causing any chronic pain problems then Dr. Carey Dachman will establish a treatment protocol.


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